Addressing Fixed Ideas on Marketing Expense vs. Marketing Investment

Recessions and tough times are good for marketing opportunities. But unfortunately most business professionals, entrepreneurs and even marketing experts have a counter-intuitive reaction to this statement. You know the old saying, “Buy low, sell high.” There is a corollary to this adage in marketing: “Economy soft, market hard.”

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New White Paper on Social Media Strategy Now Available

McIntosh Marketing’s Chief Brand Officer, Edwin Dearborn, has authored a new white paper titled, Using Social Media to Effectively Market Your Brand, Developing A Common Sense Plan. It is being broadly issued for its first time. Here is the link: SEO White Paper

This white paper details how to develop a common sense plan for any business on how to use social media to effectively develop a powerful presence on the web. This white paper also provides key web marketing tips that any business can utilize and implement to become more comprehensive, effective and thus more profitable through internet marketing tools.

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Is Your B2B Marketing Using Social Media Fully?

Facebook is now generating more user traffic than GoogleYouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet. 80% of companies use LinkedIn as a primary tool to find employees. A US Department of Education study revealed that on average, online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction. Generation Y and Z consider e-mail passé. In fact, In 2009 Boston College stopped distributing e-mail addresses to incoming freshmen.

  • There are over 200 million Blogs
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Best Book for Professional Bloggers, SEO Writers & Website Content Writers

You may have never heard of John Caples, but the biggest name in advertising history, David Ogilvy, considers him to be the author of the most useful book Mr. Ogilvy had ever read on the subject. In fact, it just may be the best book ever written on the fundamentals of copy writing meant to sell. That archetypal book is entitled, Tested Advertising Methods, which is now in its fifth edition.

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How To Get Motivated Using Social Media

The world of social media can be so daunting that the task to get motivated and to persist in the first 6 months to a year is the most challenging task for the neophyte. One could comment here on tactics, but the skills of the “How To” in social media will take time to learn, develop and to perfect. I take that back. To be excellent, you will always be learning, if you want to stay ahead, and even then perfection is never truly reached. Social media marketing, like life itself, is a journey, not a destination.

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BP, Their PR Gaffes & Zero Campassion

BP is a prime example of what not to be and what not to say when you screw up at Biblical proportions.

No amount of social media tactics or reputation management will cover up when you really don’t care. Tony Hayward is hopefully the last of a dying breed: uncompassionate CEO’s who cannot conceive of anything more important than the next quarterly report to the investors.

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B2B Marketing Book Review: Inbound Marketing

Although I have had the pleasure to read many helpful books on marketing, this is my first book review on our company blog. And I am quite happy to announce that I had a great time reading Halligan & Shah’s newest book entitled, Inbound Marketing: Get Found using Google, Social Media and Blogs. The foreward was written by internet marketing author David Meerman Scott, so I knew that I was in for a treat.

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The Lost Sherpa and Internet Marketing Strategy

Out of the blue my wife purchases a book on how to use a map and a compass in rough terrain. The book is authored by a well-known mountaineer and sherpa who has helped to lead expeditions in the Alaskan wilderness who has also been called to find lost hikers. As I was reading this manual, too many similarities came to mind for those involved with internet marketing strategy.

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Market Research Report – Trends In Using Social Media

Here are some statistics from illustrating the ever-growing popwer of social media in our world:

  • Twitter has more than 100 million users who send 50 million tweets a day.
  • Facebook has close to 500 million users with an average of 135 friends each.
  • LinkedIn has more than 65 million users, with a new user joining every second.
  • Meetup, a social networking engine that creates real world events for members of virtual networks, has 6.1 million members.
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How Your Selling Skills Improve Your Company Blog & Marketing ROI

I have noticing a current trend in several online marketing books and blogs that I find dangerous. The idea is that your blog or article has to be only informational and does not need to sell. This is misleading and not based on historical or statistical fact.

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