June 9th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Out of the blue my wife purchases a book on how to use a map and a compass in rough terrain. The book is authored by a well-known mountaineer and sherpa who has helped to lead expeditions in the Alaskan wilderness who has also been called to find lost hikers. As I was reading this manual, too many similarities came to mind for those involved with internet marketing strategy.

This navigation book concerns itself with one major problem: Being lost.  The book clearly demonstrates on how to easily and effectively learn to use three important elements to getting back home or getting found by someone else:

  • Observation of the environment around one; establishing the lay of the land.
  • A compass or some form of determining direction, such as the sun or stars.
  • A map.

If one posses all these three things, then one is in control, can take effective action and thus survive. In business, as well as with internet marketing, we need these components at our disposal at all times.  But what are these in reality in the business world?

1. We first have to have a lay of the land. This is accomplished with marketing surveys, metrics, reading top industry blogs, listening to people and a myriad of other tools that help us gain a thorough reality of where we are. To get to point B, you must have a firm and honest grip on where you are as a point A. In business and with internet marketing strategy the correlation is knowing one’s positioning.

2. In business and in utilizing internet marketing tools, we too often get so involved in the tactics and technology of social media that we forget to establish a direction to get where we want to go: The goal.  The key is to have a clear goal to arrive at, in which our actions can be directed towards so that we do survive.

3. A map. In internet marketing, this can be likened to any tool that gives one perspective, understanding and objectivity. With an accurate map there is no guessing. In business, this is accurate know-how and acquired skill.

With a firm grip of your positioning, a known goal and the know-how and skill to get where you want to go, you are never really lost. You have the survival skills in which to make it through any economic situation and how to overcome barriers and competition.

I look forward to your views and comments.

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