BP, Their PR Gaffes & Zero Campassion

BP is a prime example of what not to be and what not to say when you screw up at Biblical proportions.

No amount of social media tactics or reputation management will cover up when you really don’t care. Tony Hayward is hopefully the last of a dying breed: uncompassionate CEO’s who cannot conceive of anything more important than the next quarterly report to the investors.

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BP attempts reputation management, purchases keywords on Google & Yahoo

While BP struggles with the citizens of the Gulf Coast to survive the America’s worst environmental disaster, BP is also attempting to stage a reputation management onslaught with the help of Google and Yahoo, via purchased keywords.

When American’s type in these keywords, “oil spill” on Google or Yahoo, each of their page one results will direct one’s attention to BP’s “Gulf of Mexico response”, their official page spinning BP’s version of their attempts in controlling this epic spill.

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The Republican Social Media War & Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown and social media are both getting older and wiser. Let the games begin.

The latest is “What has Jerry Brown done to you?”

A whole new generation of Gen X, Y and Z may not be old enough to appreciate the brand called “Jerry Brown”, but a group of Republicans are now raging the political war to oust any ability for Jerry Brown to redefine the facts as Jerry would like us to remember or understand.

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