June 10th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Jerry Brown and social media are both getting older and wiser. Let the games begin.

The latest is “What has Jerry Brown done to you?”

A whole new generation of Gen X, Y and Z may not be old enough to appreciate the brand called “Jerry Brown”, but a group of Republicans are now raging the political war to oust any ability for Jerry Brown to redefine the facts as Jerry would like us to remember or understand.

You cannot avoid politics nor the scrutiny and ire that social media can bring out. Just ask BP. They are not only in hot oily water, but this is due in part to a grassroots social media buzz to get the US Government to do something swift and effective. Obama was the first US Presidential candidate to truly tap into the power of social media.

But this social media sword has two opposite and equally sharp sides. Transparency that spreads like wildfire. Dancing cats are enjoyed by millions in less time it taught the cat to dance and mommy bloggers sharing the “Swagger Wagon” video that makes you forget about Toyota’s troubled past are the crazy possibilities with social media.

And trying to control it? It may be easier trying to corral a California wildfire in the Angeles Forest. But one group of Republicans are trying to do just that. Spread a wildfire of discontent concerning Jerry Brown, trying to win the positioning war by stating theat Uncle Jerry is the “Ultimate Insider.” By the way, being an “Insider” is a bad thing, with unemployment unabatedly high and the economy about a stable as the San Andreas fault.

Only time will tell how this ends up, but it will be interesting how social media will play into today’s politically hot arena in 2010.

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