June 7th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

I have noticing a current trend in several online marketing books and blogs that I find dangerous. The idea is that your blog or article has to be only informational and does not need to sell. This is misleading and not based on historical or statistical fact.

Of course your blog post or your article has to educate. But if there is no call-to-action, then you leave a person lost, not knowing where to go or what to do. True selling is about solving a perceived or real problem and then directing your prospective client to DO something, so as to overcome, alleviate or solve that problem.

Whether through the pages in a book, or in person, having a rich background in sales always results in better writing, and this makes for a better company blog. Your selling skills establish not only a foundation for business acumen, but those skills will far exceed punctuation, proper grammar and descriptive adjectives in getting more people motivated to do business with you. Don’t get me wrong, writing skills will more and more be in demand. To maintain a steady stream of original content, one will have to have strong writing skills.

But nothing will ever replace the advantage of having been in the trenches and having to truly listen and understand another person’s problem, really get into communication and then to help them overcome their fears, ignorance or misconceptions to the end results of a closed sale. When one can really achieve that, added to great writing skills, you have the ultimate combination in any writer or blogger.

So many businesses are asking how to achieve improved marketing ROI on the dollars they are spending. And while talking about educating the masses and inspiring the tribe, any business person needs to see a return. Otherwise, the business will not last or the business person will lose interest and thus the blogger their source of income.

And what I say is not a matter of opinion. Check out the following experts in marketing and advertising, all of whom learned how to sell people, in real life, and all who went onto to build huge marketing organizations. All of these professionals were result orientated and that came from learning how to sell and close a sale.

David Ogilvy On YouTube

Sergio Zyman’s Website

Grant Cardone’s Site

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