Search Engine Optimization, To outsource or not to outsource ?

The controversy has been raging for years. Many business owners are sold on the idea of doing all of their Search Engine Optimization in house.  Many others choose to outsource this work.

Which viewpoint is correct?

I completely disagree with those that promote that all businessmen do their own optimizing. I think the proponents of this idea are absolutley and totally wrong!

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The SEO Cost for Small Business Search Engine Optimization

The most common question when discussing small business search optimization services and results is, “How much will this cost?’

In today’s economy, ROI is the king of the mountain in direct response marketing, B2B sales, outbound calling, small business branding and effective web marketing. Since every small business needs to see relatively instant return from their marketing dollar, SEO cost is of considerable concern.

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Once Upon A Marketing Glossary

Over the last few years I have been asked for my marketing glossary several times.  Truth is, I don’t really have one.  I do have notes with definitions here and there but have never actually put them all in one place.  In fact, when I try to explain these marketing terms to someone, it seems to me that most of the time they think these terms don’t really exist!  It could be due to many of them sounding very similar to each other but trust me they have very different meanings.  I really felt the following keywords should be listed as they tend to be used most often and more commonly but for the full list with detailed definitions go to

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Yahoo and Bing Increase their Search market share

According to Comscore, there was 15.9 billion searches in May in the US  with Google getting 10.2 billion searches (2% increase) while  Yahoo got 2.9 billion searches (6% increase) and Bing got 1.9 billion (up 6% increase). While Google is still in the lead, you might notice that Yahoo and Bing are on the rise, benefiting from their recent search alliance.

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Best Book for Professional Bloggers, SEO Writers & Website Content Writers

You may have never heard of John Caples, but the biggest name in advertising history, David Ogilvy, considers him to be the author of the most useful book Mr. Ogilvy had ever read on the subject. In fact, it just may be the best book ever written on the fundamentals of copy writing meant to sell. That archetypal book is entitled, Tested Advertising Methods, which is now in its fifth edition.

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Google Now Using Caffeine

As reported at the Official Google Blog, Google has revamped the way they store and process their search results.  Although the change has been in testing since late last year, it is now live for everyone.

When you search Google, you really weren’t searching in real-time.  Meaning, the results you would get could be weeks old.  In many cases this is ok, but in news, sports, and the age of twitter, it certainly is not.

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Why CPA Education Must Include Internet Marketing Tools, Social Media and Blogging

Imagine being in an industry that has more demand and need than is being fulfilled. This is the sad, but opportunistic story of the CPA. While so many businesses are being penalized by the IRS for bad accounting and tax handling, the lone CPA himself suffers for lack of new customers.

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How a Home Based Business is Now Using Internet Marketing Tools

Who would of thought that one of the people I would be helping would have a home based business, literally.

Pattie McDonald and her husband, a retired postmaster, rent their beautiful home for vacations nestled in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. Per Pattie, the vast majority of her new business comes from those who find her vacation rental in various online vacation directories, many of which come from those who live in neighboring Illinois. Directories are just one of many internet marketing tools that can be utilized as an inexpensive marketing tool for a home based business.

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Are meta tags still important?

If you are doing some search engine optimization work on your site, you might have read here and there that meta tags aren’t relevant anymore. Does it mean you shouldn’t pay attention to them? Certainly not!

While it is true that meta tags aren’t as important as they used to be 10 years ago, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include them on your pages.  When it comes to title and description tags, just look at Google’s rankings and you will see that they still matter.

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Business Success With Organic Internet Marketing

The key to organic internet marketing success is to do the right things right, and to do them consistently. Now this may seem to an oversimplification or even overused. But from our experience of speaking with over 300 companies in the last six months, we have found over 90% of businesses with web sites violating this simple mantra. Here are some things you must do to generate more success:

  1. Put the keywords, no more than 8, in the Title tag.
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