May 11th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

The key to organic internet marketing success is to do the right things right, and to do them consistently. Now this may seem to an oversimplification or even overused. But from our experience of speaking with over 300 companies in the last six months, we have found over 90% of businesses with web sites violating this simple mantra. Here are some things you must do to generate more success:

  1. Put the keywords, no more than 8, in the Title tag.
  2. Repeat the key words and/or phrases as least 3 or 4 times in the body of the blog, article or press release.
  3. Make a keywords meta tag even though most engines ignore that now. Some use it, and so it’s worth it.
  4. Write articles and have them submitted to over the 100 directories available.
  5. Have at least 400 words in the body of the article, blog or press release.
  6. Make sure that the title tags on subsequent pages use other keywords.
  7. Get your blog listed with the over 300 directories available.
  8. Post your blogs in your social media pages, linking them automatically through your RSS feed.
  9. Comment on others blogs, allowing you to build relationships and links back to your web site and blog.
  10. Always include your web site and social media pages on all email salutations that go out from your company.
  11. Continue to educate yourself. Go to seminars, read books and subscribe to various blogs to learn how to become a better and more competent member of the web marketing community. “Knowledge is Power.”

These are simple actions that any small company can do, and over time, these actions will generate new relationships and ultimately new business.

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