June 10th, 2010 | Scott Elkin, Technical Director

As reported at the Official Google Blog, Google has revamped the way they store and process their search results.  Although the change has been in testing since late last year, it is now live for everyone.

When you search Google, you really weren’t searching in real-time.  Meaning, the results you would get could be weeks old.  In many cases this is ok, but in news, sports, and the age of twitter, it certainly is not.

Caffeine is Google’s handling for that.  Caffeine both expands Google’s ability for storage and allows them to show results extremely fast.

What this means for those of us that produce content (like this article) is that it will show up in Google’s search results much faster.  This gives searches the best results possible, and us content owners the ability to get traffic much faster on the content we are writing.

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