Once Upon A Marketing Glossary

Over the last few years I have been asked for my marketing glossary several times.  Truth is, I don’t really have one.  I do have notes with definitions here and there but have never actually put them all in one place.  In fact, when I try to explain these marketing terms to someone, it seems to me that most of the time they think these terms don’t really exist!  It could be due to many of them sounding very similar to each other but trust me they have very different meanings.  I really felt the following keywords should be listed as they tend to be used most often and more commonly but for the full list with detailed definitions go to http://www.marketingterms.com/dictionary/

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New Flock Social Web Browser

As a fan of social media, I’ve always tested out the new social networks, new web 2.0 apps, any equipment or software that would put me in better and faster communication with the world.

I used the Flock browser for a while a few years ago, and liked the way I could blog directly from the browser and drag my flickr photos straight into my blog posts. Plus I had a friend who worked at Flock, so that always made it cool to use their browser, wear my Flockstar tshirt, etc.

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How To REALLY use Facebook to Advertise Your Business

Here are three ways to use Facebook to advertise your business:

  1. Attempt the direct sale – “Buy my product”
  2. Practice the “Give and you will Get”
  3. A little of both

“Buy My Product”

Most businesses coming from the offline world try and fail at the direct sale approach on Facebook. You can liken this technique to the offline world of telemarketing. Call and ask enough people to buy your painting and eventually someone will. Many others get upset by your phone call, but you rarely hear from them after you hang up.

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Blogging Your Online Presence

By now most people know what “blogging” is and are also taking advantage of the blog realm.  Whether it be personal advice blogs or more along the lines of business tips or ventures, people are now turning to blogs to answer their many questions online.  We all know the power of having a blog on your website for Blog Marketing, regardless of your business but what most people don’t understand is how to take blogging to the next step.

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Win An Apple iPad LIVE At The Orange County Mixer Business Networking Event!

I’ll be broadcasting LIVE tonight from the Orange County Mixer. We’re celebrating the re-launch of our new site & will be promoting our Internet marketing & website marketing services for business. To really kick off this promotion I’m launching a brand new contest tonight where you can win an Apple iPad!

Click here for more information on the Orange County Networking Event

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