Marketing & Selling Your Small Business Opportunity

The words we use have so many meanings that they have begun to represent the same ideas. As they have become garbled, we have become confused. And so it is with the two words, marketing and selling. They seem so interchangeable that they have list there important distinctions and how they operate one with another.

In plain English, marketing is senior to selling. Selling is simply one part of marketing.

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How To REALLY use Facebook to Advertise Your Business

Here are three ways to use Facebook to advertise your business:

  1. Attempt the direct sale – “Buy my product”
  2. Practice the “Give and you will Get”
  3. A little of both

“Buy My Product”

Most businesses coming from the offline world try and fail at the direct sale approach on Facebook. You can liken this technique to the offline world of telemarketing. Call and ask enough people to buy your painting and eventually someone will. Many others get upset by your phone call, but you rarely hear from them after you hang up.

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Simple Video on Google Buzz

It is always nice to have a video explain things. As you may have heard, Google now offers Google Buzz. This simple video gives you a introduction to what it is and how it works to help you:

McIntosh Marketing is an expert in using Google Buzz, as well as other social media, to help you drive traffic to your web site and thus generate word of mouth, referrals and more sales.

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