Simple Video on Google Buzz

It is always nice to have a video explain things. As you may have heard, Google now offers Google Buzz. This simple video gives you a introduction to what it is and how it works to help you:

McIntosh Marketing is an expert in using Google Buzz, as well as other social media, to help you drive traffic to your web site and thus generate word of mouth, referrals and more sales.

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Marketing Resources for Chiropractors

I just found an amazing resource for Chiropractors to be more educated on how to market their practices. As any Chiropractor will tell you, it is important to have great word of mouth to build more and more referrals. But the question is how?

While most Chiropractors are excellent doctors, so few have the time to learn how to market their practice correctly so as to gain more new patients. While McIntosh Marketing has worked with many doctors for years, here is a link to some educational materials that could help Chiropractors market their practice even better.

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Have You Fallen On Your Facebook?

I am amazed at how many people use Facebook, but for only personal purposes.

No matter where I go, coffee shops, businesses and eateries, I find people on Facebook. “National obsession” does not even begin to describe our national lust to be connected and share the silliest of posts. And those who negate this cultural phenomenon and shift will go the way of the Dodo. They are about to land hard on their Facebook.

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