Is Affiliate Marketing Really Worth It?

Now this is a question that I hear over and over from client’s and co-workers alike.  Everyone wants to know if Affiliate Marketing is not only worth it but if it is really beneficial?  Or what the risks are of marketing for a company and then finding out their unethical?  Just like everything else, it really depends on what products your sign up for and how you market them.

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Mobile Social Media Help: List of Foursquare Badges

Have I become a big fan of Foursquare or what?  I want more badges and I want them now!

Having never been a boy scout, I now get to live the dream of earning badges at the age of 47. I looked in earnest on how to earn them and what it took to build up my badge collection. Not only is there quite a long list of potential badges to earn (, but when you visit Foursquare’s site you will find that they even take suggestions on developing even more badges.

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Simple Video on Google Buzz

It is always nice to have a video explain things. As you may have heard, Google now offers Google Buzz. This simple video gives you a introduction to what it is and how it works to help you:

McIntosh Marketing is an expert in using Google Buzz, as well as other social media, to help you drive traffic to your web site and thus generate word of mouth, referrals and more sales.

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Marketing Resources for Chiropractors

I just found an amazing resource for Chiropractors to be more educated on how to market their practices. As any Chiropractor will tell you, it is important to have great word of mouth to build more and more referrals. But the question is how?

While most Chiropractors are excellent doctors, so few have the time to learn how to market their practice correctly so as to gain more new patients. While McIntosh Marketing has worked with many doctors for years, here is a link to some educational materials that could help Chiropractors market their practice even better.

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