May 26th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Have I become a big fan of Foursquare or what?  I want more badges and I want them now!

Having never been a boy scout, I now get to live the dream of earning badges at the age of 47. I looked in earnest on how to earn them and what it took to build up my badge collection. Not only is there quite a long list of potential badges to earn (, but when you visit Foursquare’s site you will find that they even take suggestions on developing even more badges.

Now other than an intense dose of self-indulgence and egocentric gathering, how can this Foursquare be used to benefit your cause, business or efforts to market yourself? Now realize that I am a newbie. I even have the Foursquare badge to prove it too! So please add to the list of ideas. In fact, share them with me as you see fit.

1.  Plan an “Swarm Event” with your top customers. This is when you get 50 or more people to check in at one time. This not only brings back the old customers, but events like this ignites word or mouth advertising, key to the survival of any business. Plus events like this just plain fun! The more the merrier.

2. Ask your regulars to tell their friends that they are there, when they are there. Offer incentives, discounts or freebies for doing so. People love making a difference, being a force of change and helping others to make money. Use incentives to do so, like Contest Burner offered by McIntosh Marketing.

3. Ask Foursquare to develop a special badge for your own place. Come up with a unique idea on why this should be. The fact that your place earns Foursquare followers a special badge is just great viral marketing. Check in with Foursquare on how this could be done.

4. Let your imagination run wild. I am sure that there are many people out there much more proficient in social media and Foursquare possibilities. Let me know some of your ideas so that I may share them with others who would love to expand their Foursquare knowledge, skill sets and above all – earn more badges.

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