Orange County Small Biz Succeeds With Niche Marketing

When times get tough, adjust. When markets take down turn, do niche marketing. This is what one Orange County small biz owner is doing to succeed and move forward in 2010.

As you can see in this article that appeared in The Orange County Register, Jow Chiodo or of JB Plastics in Santa Ana, CA is moving forward with what most small businesses do not do effectively and rapidly: Adjust.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Really Worth It?

Now this is a question that I hear over and over from client’s and co-workers alike.  Everyone wants to know if Affiliate Marketing is not only worth it but if it is really beneficial?  Or what the risks are of marketing for a company and then finding out their unethical?  Just like everything else, it really depends on what products your sign up for and how you market them.

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Marketing Accounting Services With Social Networking Web Sites

With the changing face of B2B marketing in today’s economy, coupled with new options in social networking web sites, accountants will need to adapt and utilize new internet marketing tools in marketing accountant services that they offer.

The accounting industry has been slow to embrace social networking, but Andrew Leck, who is the head of ACCA UK, views accountants taking a proactive approach in these trouble economic times. In an online article of 17 May 2010, Mr. Leck stated:

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New White Paper on Social Media Strategy Now Available

McIntosh Marketing’s Chief Brand Officer, Edwin Dearborn, has authored a new white paper titled, Using Social Media to Effectively Market Your Brand, Developing A Common Sense Plan. It is being broadly issued for its first time. Here is the link: SEO White Paper

This white paper details how to develop a common sense plan for any business on how to use social media to effectively develop a powerful presence on the web. This white paper also provides key web marketing tips that any business can utilize and implement to become more comprehensive, effective and thus more profitable through internet marketing tools.

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Lux5: High-End Brand Marketing Lives!

You wouldn’t think that luxury entertainment and high-end marketing would be surviving, but it is in fact thriving.

And no one else proves that better than Lux5. In a world swirling in bad news on unemployment, recessions, bank repo’s and credit crunch, Lux5 has taken the ultimate high road to success.

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Why CPA Education Must Include Internet Marketing Tools, Social Media and Blogging

Imagine being in an industry that has more demand and need than is being fulfilled. This is the sad, but opportunistic story of the CPA. While so many businesses are being penalized by the IRS for bad accounting and tax handling, the lone CPA himself suffers for lack of new customers.

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Using Social Media for Social Influence

At no other time in Man’s history has there been such a challenge to make a better world. And at no other time has the playing field be leveled to such a degree to give a voice to those who want to make that change.

With the advent and proliferation of social media, those who want to bring about positive social influence have a powerful venue to find their voice, as well as access to an almost unlimited audience to hear their words of wisdom or dissent.

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How a Home Based Business is Now Using Internet Marketing Tools

Who would of thought that one of the people I would be helping would have a home based business, literally.

Pattie McDonald and her husband, a retired postmaster, rent their beautiful home for vacations nestled in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. Per Pattie, the vast majority of her new business comes from those who find her vacation rental in various online vacation directories, many of which come from those who live in neighboring Illinois. Directories are just one of many internet marketing tools that can be utilized as an inexpensive marketing tool for a home based business.

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