June 17th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

With the changing face of B2B marketing in today’s economy, coupled with new options in social networking web sites, accountants will need to adapt and utilize new internet marketing tools in marketing accountant services that they offer.

The accounting industry has been slow to embrace social networking, but Andrew Leck, who is the head of ACCA UK, views accountants taking a proactive approach in these trouble economic times. In an online article of 17 May 2010, Mr. Leck stated:

“Accounting was not the root cause of the financial crisis, but it has an important role in supporting and advising businesses on how to find a way out of it. The financial crisis – and its aftermath – is not fundamentally a story about one country, or one sector. Instead, it has highlighted the interconnected nature of the world in which we live and do business. Moving forward is about creating the right environment for long-term business success, with appropriate strategies and plans based on sound analysis of opportunities for success, with the clear evaluation and mitigation of risk. And it is also about the contribution made by accountants and finance professionals to business.”

It is our view that this global situation creates a greater need for professional assistance from accountants.  This is a perfect opportunity to redefine the benefits and tools that only an accountant can offer to existing businesses, emerging businesses and opportunistic entrepreneurs. It is these very business professionals that today’s accountant with need to reach, marketing accounting services on the fastest communication line today: social networking web sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and even Foursquare.

Every accountant needs to develop a simple marketing strategy that starts with a simple blog. We strongly suggest that this be done on a WordPress format. From there, setting up your blog to automatically feed your posts into the most common social networking web sites is a huge step to getting your voice heard and exepertise seen in front of the very people who are looking for bookkeeping, tax and accounting solutions.

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