May 12th, 2010 | Samantha Montano, Customer Relations

By now most people know what “blogging” is and are also taking advantage of the blog realm.  Whether it be personal advice blogs or more along the lines of business tips or ventures, people are now turning to blogs to answer their many questions online.  We all know the power of having a blog on your website for Blog Marketing, regardless of your business but what most people don’t understand is how to take blogging to the next step.

I like to think of blogging as another type of social networking.  I know most of you are thinking “Duh” right?  I am not just talking about blogging on your social networks or even offering to contribute blogs to other networks.  I am talking about the simple art of creating numerous back links by leaving valid comments on industry related blog sites.  This should be self explanatory but let me break it down.  First you can do some research and find some top ranking blogs in your business category, even if they are not exactly related with what you do or have to offer.  Actually take the time to read over some posts to make sure you feel the blog is a valid site for information.  This may be a personal preference but I don’t want my name or comments attached to any pour quality content on any site.  Also you don’t want to come across as a spammer by leaving links everywhere.

It is good to Bookmark or gather the feeds of the really good blogs you find, not only so you can keep your self relevant but also so you can build up your online presence.  Just like adding friends and following people but beyond just the social networking sites.  Always make sure the comments you leave are addressing informative parts of the post or anything you feel should be addressed.  That way everyone knows you are actually taking part in their blog and again, not spamming.  Make sure to either contribute useful information in your comment or mention specifically why the blog is going to be so useful to you and or to others.  Again this is just like building up trust with your new found internet friends in your social networks.

Where the benefit comes in?  Ok, well, as you can see the information above is already very beneficial as to how  you should properly be doing your blog commenting without looking like a spammer, which is very important.  Now how  you leave your links or site mentions is equally important.  Does this mean to skip over blogs that don’t allow links?  Not at all if you can work a way to drop your site name in your important blog comment.  This is also a time that you can get creative with anchor text, if you know how.  In most cases you can attach your link to your name.  If you decide to go this route then a good idea is to come up with or use a “nickname” that just so happens to have a keyword in it.

Now you should be getting the bigger picture of building your online presence through creative ways like blog commenting.  It is a great way to get back links and also a great way to get your name out.  Even if a link can’t be left, people will start seeing your name on many related blogs leaving useful information and comments.  In turn this can increase your followers and you can be sure that many will even subscribe to your blog or even befriend you on their social networks.

Now your really “blogging” your online presence!

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