Are meta tags still important?

If you are doing some search engine optimization work on your site, you might have read here and there that meta tags aren’t relevant anymore. Does it mean you shouldn’t pay attention to them? Certainly not!

While it is true that meta tags aren’t as important as they used to be 10 years ago, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include them on your pages.  When it comes to title and description tags, just look at Google’s rankings and you will see that they still matter.

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Changes In Google Results Page Make Search Engine Optimization Analysis Easier

Google just announced several changes to their search engine results page.  Many of the new features were already available, but they were not showing by default.  You had to manually turn them on to see them.

When doing search engine optimization analysis for clients we often used some of Google’s optional features to research keywords and topics important to our customers and readers.  Now tools like the “Wonder Wheel” and “Related Searches” are available to everyone with one click just to the left of Google’s regular search results.

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