June 14th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

You may have never heard of John Caples, but the biggest name in advertising history, David Ogilvy, considers him to be the author of the most useful book Mr. Ogilvy had ever read on the subject. In fact, it just may be the best book ever written on the fundamentals of copy writing meant to sell. That archetypal book is entitled, Tested Advertising Methods, which is now in its fifth edition.

While it is quite a complete read, and at times can become quite technical, chalk-filled with facts based on rigorous market research, it truly has elevated itself into a timeless reference bible for anyone desiring to improve their writing skills. The business world will alway be pining for the writer that can convince readers to become ardent followers and paying clients.

Many professional bloggers, SEO writers and website content writers are constantly trying to improve their writing abilities, procuring more work as a writer or blogger, as well as having their work being found on the internet. The basics are timeless, no matter the medium in which they are transmitted.

So influential was the work of this direct marketing pioneer, that still today there is an award that is given in his name. The John Caples International Awards, honoring the best in direct and interactive marketing around the world, was founded in 1978 by Andi Emerson. With international chairs in 50 countries, it is funded by industry agencies, clients and suppliers. Moreover it is avidly supported and run by industry volunteers and is judged by more than 100 active, senior-level, international creative professionals. Between 200-300 creatives and marketers from around the world attend the annual dinner and presentation each and every year.

As more and more companies adapt to the new internet marketing tools and technologies, gifted writers who can move people into action will always be in high demand. Obtain for yourself this perennial reference book and let me know how it is transforming you as a writer and  a blogger.

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