Kodak Moment is Now the YouTube Opportunity

Even though Kodak did not invent the camera, they sure did have generations believing so. Special times became known as the “Kodak Moment.” Now with the proliferation of video technology and accessibility, Kodak film is long dead and now we live in a YouTube world.

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Blog Strategy With Facebook

Original content is king. For most of you this is nothing new; not at all a revelation.

But what I see very little of is the interfacing of blogs with social media; namely with Facebook. This became very clear to me the other day when I ran into a friend and we were talking about mundane stuff and she said, “Hey, I loved your blog post on Facebook.”

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Stupid Lawn Signs

Had a great laugh, but I knew he was serious.

“What makes you guys different than those guys with the stupid lawn signs?”  I guess the pinstripe suit wasn’t quite enough to ensure the differentiation. After my chuckle, I realized that this was a key question to full address with this potential client.

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