April 30th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Even though Kodak did not invent the camera, they sure did have generations believing so. Special times became known as the “Kodak Moment.” Now with the proliferation of video technology and accessibility, Kodak film is long dead and now we live in a YouTube world.

In speaking with people, you get the idea that most assume that YouTube invented online video. Like Kodak before, their brand is now synonymous with online video. They didn’t invent it, they have dominated that position in the mind of the consumer. And now it is time for business people and entrepreneurs to utilize YouTube’s brand dominance and reach to position themselves above their competition.

You see, we are still in the infant stages of the usage of the technology, not the technology itself. A recent study found that the average YouTube user watched 98 videos just in the month of March 2010. These YouTube videos represent a fundamental change in how we get news, become entertained and make decisions with whom to do business with. And believe it or not, it builds credibility. It can even make you a on-line celebrity.

Now while your ambitions may never be to land in US Magazine, it nonetheless represents a powerful medium to reach people, and withing a very short period of time educate and excite your potential market. Don’t show me a picture of your lunch special, show me how you make it. Start your own on-like cooking show.

While so many companies want me to download a PDF file, they should be sending me to their YouTube TV channel, describing it, involving me and demonstrating their passion for what they do. People want to connect, feel attached to something and that really is what is at the core of any brand: A valuable relationship.

Become a YouTube media expert for your brand and watch more and more people connect with your brand like never before.

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