March 27th, 2010 | Samantha Montano, Customer Relations

McIntosh Marketing, a leading Internet marketing consultancy, announced today its offer to provide free local online marketing evaluations and plans. These consultations will give customized steps and strategies for getting concrete results from web marketing.

Stanton, California, March 27, 2010 – McIntosh Marketing, an experienced online marketing company, announced today the launch of its newest offering, a free Internet marketing analysis and strategic plan.  The strategy creates a step-by-step plan to dramatically improve a company’s revenue, website traffic, and online prestige.  McIntosh Marketing will include instructions on how to do video marketing, social media image, and local search engine optimization.

This free consultation is produced to give companies the chance to turn any non-performing website or online marketing project into a profitable endeavor.  Daily changes in communications technology, like Google’s smartphone interface, have catapulted the importance of establishing a positive, highly visible, local online presence.  The local Internet marketing plan provides a detailed guide of how to maximize Internet exposure for increased business, including how to obtain positive reviews, optimize local search engine results, create loyalty, word-of-mouth online advertising, improve website design, and take advantage of new social networking sites.

Over the past 12 years, Bill McIntosh with McIntosh Marketing, has created 1,000 plus websites and generated $20 million in revenue for its clients.  The company’s Twitter followers number 40,000 and CEO Bill McIntosh’s YouTube videos have had more than 500,000 views.  McIntosh Marketing’s website,, offers additional resources for Internet marketing.

About McIntosh Marketing:  McIntosh Marketing is a premier, genuine web marketing and consulting company with expertise advising businesses on how to improve their profits, website traffic, and online buzz.


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