May 20th, 2010 | Scott Elkin, Technical Director
  1. If your sales people rely on paper or drawing diagrams for presentations, an iPad gives them a way to perform the same task, and then email the notes to the prospect after the meeting.
  2. Swipe credit cards on your iPad using Square.  Just a 3%-ish fee for the transaction which you would pay with any point of sale device, but no contract or monthly fee.  Your sales people could complete the transaction anywhere.
  3. A lawyer can use it in the courtroom to do research where the sometimes spotty wireless coverage can’t be depended on.
  4. A realtor could be could be walking their clients through a house while looking up and showing them pictures of other comparable properties or showing them maps and information about the local schools and points of interest.
  5. It is common for actors and actresses to have thick scripts that have to be highlighted with all their speaking parts.  It is even more common for that script to be updated frequently.  Putting these scripts on the iPad would allow automatic highlighting and the ability to update them as often as needed without killing trees.
  6. Coaches can use them on the field for game plans, practice notes, and a tool to show video from prior games or practices, or from other experts showing the correct way to perform a technique.
  7. The concierge could travel to you.  They are no longer confined to their desk and can help visitors out by the tool plan their next outing.
  8. If your service starts with doing a home estimate, the estimator could use the iPad to fill out the estimate and email the person before he leaves.  This servers the double task of getting their email so that you can follow up easily at a later time.
  9. If you own a restaurant, you can use it to take reservations and see all bookings by time and table rivaling a more expensive computerized reservation system.  Any reservations from your website would automatically show up on the device.
  10. Using Dropbox, you can have all your documents sync automatically with your iPad and your office computer.  This would allow you to edit any document, anywhere.

How could you use an iPad to revolutionize your business?

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