New EBook Clarifies the Economic Crisis and the World Economy

A highly effective way to become an author, and thus building yourself as a thought leader in your field, is to publish your book as an EBook. In an article titled, 30 Benefits of Ebooks, the advantages our not only cost-effective, but some recent predictions in the publishing industry indicate that by 2012, 25% of the book market will be purchasing their next read electronically.

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Why Flash is Bad For Your Business

We have been preaching to our clients for years to stop using flash on their websites.  A website makes less money to the degree of flash and animation it uses.

Users don’t need to see ‘spinning globes’ and ‘dancing flowers’.  They need to be told what problem you solve and given the to solve it by buying your services.

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10 Ways The iPad Could Change Your Business

  1. If your sales people rely on paper or drawing diagrams for presentations, an iPad gives them a way to perform the same task, and then email the notes to the prospect after the meeting.
  2. Swipe credit cards on your iPad using Square.  Just a 3%-ish fee for the transaction which you would pay with any point of sale device, but no contract or monthly fee.  Your sales people could complete the transaction anywhere.
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