June 13th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

A highly effective way to become an author, and thus building yourself as a thought leader in your field, is to publish your book as an EBook. In an article titled, 30 Benefits of Ebooks, the advantages our not only cost-effective, but some recent predictions in the publishing industry indicate that by 2012, 25% of the book market will be purchasing their next read electronically.

Barnes & Noble has their Nook, as well as their app for the iPad. And they are not the only players in this game. Amazon.com has their Kindle and many other players will be emerging in this new avenue in which to reach electronic readers. Among the Ereaders, the competition is heating up as noted in this article in The New York Times.

One new EBook, Crisis By Design, has found the format an affordable and effective means of filling the need to clarify and understand the complex world of high finance, as it relates to the recent economic crisis and its impact on the world economy. In a politically charged year, this is a timely topic for a market that has adapted fairly rapidly to this new format.

This type of format allows one to offer to the world your book without the barrier of traditional publishing restrictions, high investment costs and precious time. While there are some drawbacks to this format, this is perfect online marketing tool for the guerilla marketer. Moreover, new income channels for authors can open up to sell to markets that would have otherwise been non-accessible.

Here is a video that promotes the premise of the book, Crisis By Design:

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