July 5th, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

When an OC small business breaks the list of top 500 e-commerce websites, it causes one to pause as to what generated their success. Such was the case with local small business, Air & Water, Inc. in Santa Ana, CA. Taken from their website, this says so much:

“Founded in 2002, Air & Water has quickly grown to become one of the internet’s largest independent appliance retailers. Since the inception of the company, we’ve helped tens of thousands of customers all across the country with their heating and cooling needs.  In addition to our website, we also operate storefronts on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.  Air & Water, Inc. is also recognized as a trusted online retailer by some of the web’s biggest online shopping compare sites such as Bizrate, Shopping, and NexTag.”

Air & Water Inc. has developed a strong and savvy web presence from conducting some very consistent and SEO, customer-friendly tactics that has contributed to their success:

  • They continue to write great content in the form of articles, which differentiates them from their competition.
  • Developing niche markets with a broad offering of products and distribution channels.
  • Carefully watching their traffic and developing content that will drive more hits and sales.

This bring-and-mortar business demonstrates that even during tough economic times, proactive, intelligent and effective web marketing can become the marketing strategy that develops more business and profits.

Story inspired by The Orange County Register.

Image courtesy of www.toputop.com

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