Why YouTube Should Have a Business & Finance Category

YouTube is missing a huge marketing opportunity with no category for Business & Finance.  It is hard to believe that the categories of  Education and Travel & Events could be in more demand, particularly into today’s economic environ. YouTube needs to offer at least a category of small business resources. Additionally such a category would direct entrepreneurs to find opportunities to learn new and more effective ways of doing or even starting a business, as well as helping consumers to find access to products that they could purchase, that would in turn help them with their financial needs or questions.

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Can Digg Hang with Twitter and Facebook?

If you aren’t familiar with digg.com, you submit a link to your content to the site and let people vote whether it is good or not. Get enough votes, and it will appear on the front page for millions to view and thousands tens of thousands of hits to your website.

The problem is, only the top 100 stories a day get any real traffic. This has meant that many of us stopped bothering to submit stories to digg since Twitter and Facebook yield better results.

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