July 2nd, 2010 | Bill McIntosh, Founder

Small Biz marketing success is dependant upon being found and building trust.  And in today’s economic climate, building your brand must entail a strong internet presence. As you may have discovered, simply having a web site is not enough. Yet, 90% of the small businesses in existence that have a web site are not engaging in the most effective method to building more traffic to it: Blogging.

Your company blog is not only a free method in which to build original content to your web site, a must be done SEO strategy for online marketing success, but it really becomes a long-term strategy to reach out and develop many of the potential niche markets that exist within your business.

Additionally, there are some simple steps to expose your company blog to more and more customers, as well as increasing your blog’s value as a B2B website. Here are some helpful marketing tips to gain maximum SEO potential for your blog:

  • On all company emails, include links to your company blog.
  • Ensure that your blog is listed within the blog option on LinkedIn.
  • Ensure that your blog is prominently featured on your company Facebook fan club.
  • Distribute your blog postings to all the various social media outlets via Ping.fm.
  • Get your blog listed in the dozens of blog directories, such as Technorati.
  • In whatever you print and publish off-line, such as letterhead, business cards, etc. include your blog address.
  • Blog at least twice a week. Get an SEO expert to help you find the key words and longtail words to get best results.
  • Watch this video and learn even more!

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