Small Biz Marketing 101: Why A Company Blog?

Small Biz marketing success is dependant upon being found and building trust.  And in today’s economic climate, building your brand must entail a strong internet presence. As you may have discovered, simply having a web site is not enough. Yet, 90% of the small businesses in existence that have a web site are not engaging in the most effective method to building more traffic to it: Blogging.

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Small Biz Report: Evaluating The Cost of Professional Internet Marketing vs. The Value of Outsource Marketing

If you operate a small biz, welcome to America’s club of almost 30 million strong.  You belong to an important component that not only drives our economy, but also develops the majority of our nation’s innovative ideas, according to SCORE’s Small Biz Stats & Trends web page.

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Small Businesses Using Social Media

Never a day goes by when I am asked by a business person if they should actually engage in social media or not.

Have you noticed that phone books are getting thinner and smaller? Well, it’s not because the business is not dying. It is migrating to a new media that is reaching hundreds of millions per day. That is social media.

This CNN article is a case in point:

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