Small Biz Marketing 101: Why A Company Blog?

Small Biz marketing success is dependant upon being found and building trust.  And in today’s economic climate, building your brand must entail a strong internet presence. As you may have discovered, simply having a web site is not enough. Yet, 90% of the small businesses in existence that have a web site are not engaging in the most effective method to building more traffic to it: Blogging.

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Beyond LinkedIn: Business Networking Sites For Small Business Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest and fastest growing business networking sites for all types of business professionals, which provides your company with an amazing opportunity for small business marketing. In the next coming weeks, we will be featuring many more posts about LinkedIn and how to utilize it fully as a powerful way to connect with other B2B professionals and to catapult your brand building strategy into action with positive ROI.

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CPA & Accountant Marketing Group Started on LinkedIn

McIntosh Marketing has now initiated a marketing group for CPA’s on LinkedIn.

CPA’s and accountants have traditionally been lax in their online marketing efforts. McIntosh Marketing is taking efforts to educate the financial field, and their related industries, on how to attract more high-end clients through an effective educational format via their blog and an established social media program.

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Small Businesses Using Social Media

Never a day goes by when I am asked by a business person if they should actually engage in social media or not.

Have you noticed that phone books are getting thinner and smaller? Well, it’s not because the business is not dying. It is migrating to a new media that is reaching hundreds of millions per day. That is social media.

This CNN article is a case in point:

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