Facebook,Social Media And The Real World.

To the doubters and the protesters I say quit resisting social media marketing.

I hear too often:

“Is social networking important for a business? Is it something¬† I really have to do?”

“Do people really pay attention ?”

To you I answer this “YES” !

Social Media is has woven itself directly into the fabric of our culture.

Check this out . Starting Sept 5th 2010  Target will begin selling gift cards that can be used on Facebook!

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Eventbrite: Leveraging Social Media To Help You With Event Planning

One of the most tired and true forms of marketing and PR for any business is to put on events. Even with the proliferation of social media and internet marketing tools, event planning still plays a major role in how we do business, connect with new potential clients, as well as reinforce our brand message with core players.

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