Make Sense of Google Adwords

Without question the most requested information is how Google Adwords actually works.

Ah, if it was just that easy.

There is no question that your product or service can reach new, higher realms of sales and profits through intelligent use of Google Adwords. And on the other hand, you can lose a lot of money with very little ROI with mishandling it. The reason for this is that most people throw good money at bad marketing. They simply do not do their homework and thus lose money.

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Drudge Report: Google Chooses What News You View

Can anyone say, “Terminator?”

Or in this case, “Googlenator.”  According to the a recent post of the Drudge Report, Google is in the choice business.

When businesses choose what we watch, it is just as dangerous as the government doing so. But the one difference is that we think that businesses are offering what we want. Once again, it is important that internet users and news lovers understand the issues and behind-the-scene motivations and machinations that determines what we see, and ultimate forms our ideas.

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Simple Video on Google Buzz

It is always nice to have a video explain things. As you may have heard, Google now offers Google Buzz. This simple video gives you a introduction to what it is and how it works to help you:

McIntosh Marketing is an expert in using Google Buzz, as well as other social media, to help you drive traffic to your web site and thus generate word of mouth, referrals and more sales.

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When SEO goes MIA

Before I knew better, I was sure that many “experts” understood how SEO worked. The word was thrown around so much, that I literally started to feel that I was the only guy in the room who was left behind, stupid and left to rot in SEO hell.

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How To Increase Your Blog’s Ranking on Google

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