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Living in Orange County, CA since I was 8, I have seen many changes, some good and some horrible – like the traffic. But the one form of traffic that I do enjoy is more coming to my blog posts. Please, give us all more web site traffic like the 55 North on a Friday.

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The SEO Cost for Small Business Search Engine Optimization

The most common question when discussing small business search optimization services and results is, “How much will this cost?’

In today’s economy, ROI is the king of the mountain in direct response marketing, B2B sales, outbound calling, small business branding and effective web marketing. Since every small business needs to see relatively instant return from their marketing dollar, SEO cost is of considerable concern.

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The Social Network: Facebook Goes Hollywood

It was just a matter of time before social networks became the subject of Hollywood film makers. But let’s admit it, Facebook and Hollywood are in the same business: communications. And so here comes the new movie: The Social Network.

In October of 2010, everyone will get to see what drove Facebook to not only the largest social network in the world, but what has become a paradigm shift is how we associate and discover new information and friends.

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Online Marketing, The iPhone Billion Dollar Success!

Yes it sounds unbelievable but it is true…

There is one company that is going for broke with their marketing. They sold $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS in 3 days …just this week-end!

They are selling items that cost hundreds of dollars each and for the most part their products require that you sign up for  1 to 2 years of additional (costly) monthly services.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Really Worth It?

Now this is a question that I hear over and over from client’s and co-workers alike.  Everyone wants to know if Affiliate Marketing is not only worth it but if it is really beneficial?  Or what the risks are of marketing for a company and then finding out their unethical?  Just like everything else, it really depends on what products your sign up for and how you market them.

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Why YouTube Should Have a Business & Finance Category

YouTube is missing a huge marketing opportunity with no category for Business & Finance.  It is hard to believe that the categories of  Education and Travel & Events could be in more demand, particularly into today’s economic environ. YouTube needs to offer at least a category of small business resources. Additionally such a category would direct entrepreneurs to find opportunities to learn new and more effective ways of doing or even starting a business, as well as helping consumers to find access to products that they could purchase, that would in turn help them with their financial needs or questions.

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Dental Marketing Ideas With Dental Website Marketing

Quality dentistry is the backbone of building your practice and your brand. Quality care inspires word of mouth which is the most powerful and time-honored marketing there is for any dental practice . But how can the power of dental website marketing be utilized to take your monthly influx of new patients to a completely new level?

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Small Business Marketing Ideas: Why They Succeed or Go Flat

Sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the fast paced world of overwhelming terminology and techniques that you forget the basics. Why small business marketing ideas succeed or go flat is much more simple that some would want you to belive. While there is much to know about online SEO tools, social media, using keywords effectively and a seemingly endless host of other online paraphernalia, the difference to success or failure really is determined by two crucial points. And unfortunately, these are not taught well enough in our universities or even our business and trade schools.

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Plan a Party to Fix Up Your House

When my wife and I want to take some big strides around the house by accomplishing some major home improvement tasks, we plan a party.

As the party gets closer, we find the time and money to get stuff done because we hate the idea of our friends, many of whom have never been to our house, seeing an eyesore.


How Your WordPress Website & Company Blog Becomes Your Publishing House

Years back, a blog was the new social media outlet where somebody commented about their favorite restaurant. Not anymore. Businesses at all levels are discovering that the company blog can be a highly effective means of  quickly changing and publishing power content, particularly when it is coupled with a search engine friendly web design. While many businesses are working to incorporate blogs into their websites, many more are using WordPress to build their entire website.

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