Are You Using Online Marketing? Your Competition is!

One of the most important activities a business owner can do is to find out what his successful competitors are doing to be successful!

I will give you a big hint as to what many of the most successful small businesses are doing right now to be successful and that is online marketing!

Your customers are online and searching before they pick up the phone or jump into their vehicles to go shopping.

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Google adds Brands, Stores and Types to SERPS

I guess there isn’t one week without Google rolling out a new feature. Starting this week, you should start seeing links for Brands, Stores and Types at the top of your search result page when looking for a product.

For example, if you’re looking for a digital camera, you can see 5 links for camera brands, 5 links for stores where you can buy cameras and 5 links for popular types of digital cameras (waterproof, compact, etc …).

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McIntosh Does it Again ! Technology Breakthrough for Business

Through the years Bill McIntosh has been a force to reckon with in the world of Internet Marketing.

He has built numerous 7 figure businesses,well over 1000 websites and he has a large number of loyal followers that tune in every week to his “Internet Marketing LIVE” webinar  Tuesday evenings.

Link to the broadcast : (6:30PM PST and 9:30PM EST)

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Google Goes Places

Google just rolled out Place Search, a new search result layout, which now gives you local results when Google thinks that you are looking for something local. You might have noticed that now, in the left column, Google set your location, mostly based on your IP or cookies, which allows it to deliver results based on where you live (you can change the location if you wish).

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E-Payment Mobile Apps, Brought to You by PayPal

Contributing over 32% of EBay’s revenue last year of 8.7 billion, PayPal is already finding new markets and users to play an even larger role next year.   Since most people are finally starting to see that the future is moving past PC’s and turning to mobile and tablet type devices, I am sure you can see where this is going.

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Hootsuite Smart Phone Apps Now Free! Next…Ipad?

For those who know Hootsuite you already know that they have made all their iphone apps free this month. You probably ALSO have heard rumors that there is an iPad app, although it’s not available for download just yet. So I’m guessing that’s coming in the next few weeks. For those of you who don’t know about Hootsuite, let me take this opportunity to fill you in a bit.

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Yahoo! Answers for Your Business

Yahoo just launched a mobile version of their Answers platform which got me thinking about how you can use this tool to help promote your business and your expertise.  A simple thought is to go to the site and answer people’s questions, thus providing value and demonstrating that you know what you are doing. You have a profile and can link to your website, which not only gives value to your website, but gives value to your business.  A better idea though, would be to look for a question someone has submitted related to your business and write a blog post about it and then link to your blog post as the answer to the person’s question.

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