Discover Social Media Day in Santa Ana, CA on June 30th. How Will We Celebrate?

One of the world’s largest blog sites, Mashable, is hosting the first-ever worldwide Social Media Day celebration on June 30.

Per Mashable, this is “A global celebration of the revolution of media becoming social.” Followers have so far responded enthusiastically by signing up to organize or attend more than 335 meetups in over 73 countries. Mashable has launched to help organize and channel interest and followers to meetups in New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta and Austin. (other cities may be added).

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Get Smart Get Google Voice!

Google has just made their very awesome Google Voice service available to the public.  As a business owner and online marketer you have got to take advantage of this great service.

Here are some of the great benefits of Google Voice:

1. It’s Free! You’ve got to Love free!

2. Personalize Your Greetings. With Google Voice you can set up unique and personal greetings for different individuals. Want to give your A-list clients very unique greetings? You can do that. Want to deliver specific no holds barred greetings to telemarketers? Well… there you go !

Google is getting into the music business

According to the Wall Street journal, Google is getting ready to offer its own music service.  The search giant will provide two services, one offering music downloads while the other will provide subscription-based streaming. Such a move will place Google as a direct competitor of Apple’s Itunes and Amazon’s MP3 service.

Beyond LinkedIn: Business Networking Sites For Small Business Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest and fastest growing business networking sites for all types of business professionals, which provides your company with an amazing opportunity for small business marketing. In the next coming weeks, we will be featuring many more posts about LinkedIn and how to utilize it fully as a powerful way to connect with other B2B professionals and to catapult your brand building strategy into action with positive ROI.

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Once Upon A Marketing Glossary

Over the last few years I have been asked for my marketing glossary several times.  Truth is, I don’t really have one.  I do have notes with definitions here and there but have never actually put them all in one place.  In fact, when I try to explain these marketing terms to someone, it seems to me that most of the time they think these terms don’t really exist!  It could be due to many of them sounding very similar to each other but trust me they have very different meanings.  I really felt the following keywords should be listed as they tend to be used most often and more commonly but for the full list with detailed definitions go to

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Defined

This is an advertising method where an advertiser pays a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on one of their ads, and therefore is taken to their website.  This method was popularized by Google’s “Adwords” program.  And while there are many other PPC programs available, Adwords is still the largest, most popular and most effective.

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Small Biz Report: Evaluating The Cost of Professional Internet Marketing vs. The Value of Outsource Marketing

If you operate a small biz, welcome to America’s club of almost 30 million strong.  You belong to an important component that not only drives our economy, but also develops the majority of our nation’s innovative ideas, according to SCORE’s Small Biz Stats & Trends web page.

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Mobile Marketing On The Rise!

Coupons directly to your phone?

Banner ads right on your screen?


It is reality. Mobile marketing is a quickly growing segment of the market and what’s more, is it is quickly becoming very acceptable by cell phone users.

I may be a dinosaur when it comes to modern technology but I remember a time when people in restaurants would get quite annoyed when another patron would use the cell phone at the table.


The Six Fundamentals of Success for Increasing Blog Traffic

Increasing traffic to your personal or company blog is the main reason why you are engaging in blogging in the first place. Having studied a bit about this vital medium, all the while continuing to blog frequently, I have learned from others that there are six fundamentals of success for increasing blog traffic. I have kept the information on each point short, with a call-to-action to help you analyze and address each of these so you can evaluate and determine how you can elevate your blogger status. And more importantly, what you can do to increase traffic to your blog.

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Why Every Business Blogger Should Utterly Depend Upon a Sales Rep Salary

Blogging can not only be rewarding for your business and SEO ranking purposes, but it can also provide a creative release. A literary catharsis if you will for all that you are passionate about. Ultimately, any blogger has to eat and provide value for the business that employs him or her. To survive and thrive as a business blogger, depending on a sales rep salary would establish a new set of circumstances. It would develop effective blogging faster and better than any other process I know.

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