Q. Can NOT Using Social Media Create Income?

A. Well…not for YOU, but possibly for AIDS victims in Africa and India. Yes, I will explain…

Raise your hand if you’d rather tweet than talk to someone on the phone, getting your ear hot and possibly getting a cramp from holding your cell phone in place with your shoulder.  Yeah, me too.

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Hootsuite Smart Phone Apps Now Free! Next…Ipad?

For those who know Hootsuite you already know that they have made all their iphone apps free this month. You probably ALSO have heard rumors that there is an iPad app, although it’s not available for download just yet. So I’m guessing that’s coming in the next few weeks. For those of you who don’t know about Hootsuite, let me take this opportunity to fill you in a bit.

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Social Media, is it Productive or Destructive in the Workplace?

The debate is on and many businesses are finding it necessary to formulate policies to monitor and control the rampant use of social media websites during the work day.

Part of the issue is whether or not employees are using social media sites to enhance the company or are they on these sites wasting time and costing the company money in lost production.

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The Bing Advantage

Microsoft Bing must have been feeling the burn with Google still holding over 70% of the U.S.’s searches last month.  Or maybe they are anticipating the release of the largely rumored, Google Me…

Bing has finally figured out a way to pull some traffic for themselves, right under Google’s nose.

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Facebook,Social Media And The Real World.

To the doubters and the protesters I say quit resisting social media marketing.

I hear too often:

“Is social networking important for a business? Is it something  I really have to do?”

“Do people really pay attention ?”

To you I answer this “YES” !

Social Media is has woven itself directly into the fabric of our culture.

Check this out . Starting Sept 5th 2010  Target will begin selling gift cards that can be used on Facebook!

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Facebook Launches Places

You can now immediately let your friends know where you are and what you are doing with Facebook Places.

Facebook just launched Facebook Places, their new location based check-in app.  This will allow you to “check-in” at any location and broadcast your whereabouts directly to your Facebook friends.

It uses a combination of the Bing mapping service on Facebook.com and Google maps on the iPhone to show check-in locations.

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Is Social Media Marketing Dangerous?

I hear this once in a while. Odd but true . In fact I am convinced that the only danger there is in Social Media Marketing is to NOT be involved in using it!

There are many theories about your brain getting fried because of the Social networking. Or Losing your sanity because you are obsessively connected to your devices… Phones, Laptops and tablets.

I don’t think it’s true outside the foolishness of texting while driving.

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