Google, Bing & Yahoo,you must SEO for them!

Google’s recent changes in their search results are a prime example of why a local (not only small) businesses must be taking all the SEO actions considered as best practices in the industry.

With every “evolution” that comes about in the world of online marketing there are a new “breed” of online marketing “experts” (Uhh hhmm) that emerge and proclaim themselves the keepers of the secret keys to your online success.

Yeah, whatever!

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Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Race (2016) subtitle english

Poster Movie Race 2016

Race (2016) HD

Director : Stephen Hopkins.
Producer : Karsten Brünig, Luc Dayan, Kate Garwood, Stephen Hopkins, Jean-Charles Levy, Nicolas Manuel, Louis-Philippe Rochon, Dominique Séguin.
Release : February 19, 2016
Country : Canada, Germany.
Production Company : Forecast Pictures, Solofilms, JoBro Productions & Film Finance, Trinity Race.
Language : English.
Runtime : 134 min.
Genre : Action, Drama.
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Internet Business is Thriving! What Recession?

Is there a space where the recession isn’t laying waste to every business around?

Is there a land of hope and plenty in this virtual financial dust bowl of the economy?

Yes! It is the land of milk and honey called the Internet.

Look at these stats:

Netflix Third-Quarter Profit Rises 26% on New Users*

“Netflix Inc, the mail-order and online movie-rental service, reported third-quarter profit rose 26 percent as the pace of new subscriber additions accelerated. The shares surged.

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Goodbye Dear Long Tail, We’ll Miss You

Google’s new “look what we can do” instant search has just killed the Long Tail.

Now that search results show up as you are typing, it’s going to become progressively more rare that a searcher will search an entire phrase such as “credit card application for people with bad credit”, as once they hit “credit card app” they’ll most likely find all they need from national brands, advertisers and well-ranking, dominating sites.

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Only You Can Convert Sales

We do specialize in driving traffic, SEO, social and article networking but only YOU can convert sales.

Over the years I have heard complaints about people spending so much money on marketing and not getting any sales.  The traffic is there, the product is great and they even put the time and effort into blogging and article marketing.  Sometimes they even go the extra mile and actually pay an online marketing company to drive more traffic, yet still the same results.  So these site owners continue to rack their brains as to what could possibly be the cause of such results?  Or should I say, lack of results?

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Google Aquires Metaweb

Google just announced it acquired Metaweb. Metaweb is a huge database offering a wide source of content that can be delivered to websites through a platform – according to their website they have “information on over 11 million things, including movies, books, TV shows, celebrities, locations, companies and more”.

With the google integration, it now means that, depending on the question you might type in Google’s search field, you might now get the answer directly, at the top of the page.

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Search Engine Optimization, To outsource or not to outsource ?

The controversy has been raging for years. Many business owners are sold on the idea of doing all of their Search Engine Optimization in house.  Many others choose to outsource this work.

Which viewpoint is correct?

I completely disagree with those that promote that all businessmen do their own optimizing. I think the proponents of this idea are absolutley and totally wrong!

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