Google, Bing & Yahoo,you must SEO for them!

Google’s recent changes in their search results are a prime example of why a local (not only small) businesses must be taking all the SEO actions considered as best practices in the industry.

With every “evolution” that comes about in the world of online marketing there are a new “breed” of online marketing “experts” (Uhh hhmm) that emerge and proclaim themselves the keepers of the secret keys to your online success.

Yeah, whatever!

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Are You Using Online Marketing? Your Competition is!

One of the most important activities a business owner can do is to find out what his successful competitors are doing to be successful!

I will give you a big hint as to what many of the most successful small businesses are doing right now to be successful and that is online marketing!

Your customers are online and searching before they pick up the phone or jump into their vehicles to go shopping.

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Internet Business is Thriving! What Recession?

Is there a space where the recession isn’t laying waste to every business around?

Is there a land of hope and plenty in this virtual financial dust bowl of the economy?

Yes! It is the land of milk and honey called the Internet.

Look at these stats:

Netflix Third-Quarter Profit Rises 26% on New Users*

“Netflix Inc, the mail-order and online movie-rental service, reported third-quarter profit rose 26 percent as the pace of new subscriber additions accelerated. The shares surged.

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American Small Business,Where is the Future?

With new tax laws juxtaposed against rising regulatory costs, health care concerns for employees, educational issues and the emerging workforce across the planet,the future of small business in America can seem to be on shaky ground.

In my conversations with business owners I see that there are those that look to the future with great expectations and those that are seriously concerned.

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The Hispanic Business Showcase

The Hispanic Business Showcase is taking place this coming Friday and Saturday, the 10th and 11th of September at the San Diego Convention Center.

An important point of focus for this years Showcase is Internet Marketing.

The showcase will feature speakers covering numerous topics, all related to making strategic use of Online Marketing in the Hispanic Business Community.

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Facebook,Social Media And The Real World.

To the doubters and the protesters I say quit resisting social media marketing.

I hear too often:

“Is social networking important for a business? Is it something¬† I really have to do?”

“Do people really pay attention ?”

To you I answer this “YES” !

Social Media is has woven itself directly into the fabric of our culture.

Check this out . Starting Sept 5th 2010  Target will begin selling gift cards that can be used on Facebook!

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China, The New World Super Economy?

The question may be mute and may better be expressed as: “How long will it take for China to become the financial and economic center of of our world?

The writing seems to be on the proverbial wall.

China has just passed Japan becoming the worlds 2nd largest economy. The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd is the largest bank in the world (figured by market value) .

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