Are You Using Online Marketing? Your Competition is!

One of the most important activities a business owner can do is to find out what his successful competitors are doing to be successful!

I will give you a big hint as to what many of the most successful small businesses are doing right now to be successful and that is online marketing!

Your customers are online and searching before they pick up the phone or jump into their vehicles to go shopping.

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Watch Full Movie Online And Download Sleepless (2017)

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Do You Understand Your Customers?

Beloit College performs an annual ritual: It creates a Beloit College Mindset List showing cultural references that are in the minds of their incoming freshman class, and then presents it to their professors.

What a great way to learn about your customers!

Here are a few points from what their 2014 freshman think:

  • Russians and Americans have always been living together in space.
  • Nirvana is on the classic oldies station.
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Only You Can Convert Sales

We do specialize in driving traffic, SEO, social and article networking but only YOU can convert sales.

Over the years I have heard complaints about people spending so much money on marketing and not getting any sales.  The traffic is there, the product is great and they even put the time and effort into blogging and article marketing.  Sometimes they even go the extra mile and actually pay an online marketing company to drive more traffic, yet still the same results.  So these site owners continue to rack their brains as to what could possibly be the cause of such results?  Or should I say, lack of results?

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iPhone Home; Get Insync with New “Firefox Home” App

“Firefox Home” has been approved!

Even though it is not a full on Firefox Browser it is a pretty impressive iPhone approved application.  If you are not a big Firefox user then this may not interest you as much OR may convince you to become one.  This awesome new application allows you to sync up with the Firefox Browser on your home or office PC.  It is 100% free and can be uploaded onto your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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The Mobile Marketing Race is On!

Microsoft is after Apple…Apple is after Google…and Google is going after the world!

The world is changing “technologically” right before our eyes and this means opportunity for you and your business.

I saw yesterday a brilliant man extremely successful and extremely influential in his area of expertise make a pointed statement against those in the Internet Marketing field.

His statement was that the Internet wasn’t a technology medium, but a people medium.

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Release : January 13, 2017
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : Paramount Pictures, Original Film, Revolution Studios, One Race Films.
Language : English.
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